Friday, August 5, 2022

"a victim of the focus [being] on other quote-unquote more important bills"

"In the churn of its final 23-hour formal session, the Massachusetts Senate embraced a series of changes members said would protect those victimized by crime. They passed a bill that banned first responders from taking pictures of victims. After midnight, they spent 90 minutes debating, and then passed, language expanding the list of crimes for which someone could be held before trial.

“Think about the victims that are asking us to act,” Senator Marc R. Pacheco said from the floor.

Survivors of “revenge porn” question whether the Senate thought of them, too.

Despite 48 states outlawing it and the House voting unanimously to do the same, the Senate adjourned its final formal session this week without taking a vote on a measure that would make the sharing of nonconsensual pornography illegal in Massachusetts."
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The Senate chamber of the Massachusetts State House.CARLIN STIEHL FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE
The Senate chamber of the Massachusetts State House. CARLIN STIEHL FOR THE BOSTON GLOBE

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