Saturday, August 6, 2022

Who listens to podcasts vs. radio? Edison Research has the answer

Via Edison Research 

"We are regularly asked about the ‘median age’ of users to different audio platforms.  Fortunately, with Edison Research’s Share of Ear® study we can answer this question – at least for those age 13 and older.   

But there are two ways to solve for this, and the differences are interesting. 

The two ways are represented in the table below.  In the first data column you see the median age for the ‘cume’ or ‘reach’ of the 13+ audience – the point where half the listeners are older and half are younger.  You will note that Streaming Audio (essentially listening to pureplays like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and the like – but not listening to podcasts on any of these platforms) and Podcasts have the exact same median age when looked at this way.  The median listener to AM/FM Radio is 46 years old — 12 years older than the listener to streaming and podcasts. "

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Who listens to podcasts vs. radio?
Who listens to podcasts vs. radio?

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