Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Stop and think about it Before you share it

"A Facebook post on the Franklin MA Virtual Yard Sale group has been brought to our attention alleging a potential child abduction yesterday. The Facebook post states the child ran away from the attempted abduction and the incident was reported to the police. This post had over 75 shares. After looking into the matter we can confidently say this post is a SCAM. No incident similar to this was reported to the FPD. The poster, Nobuhle Magutshwa, posted the same post on various Facebook groups all around the country. Other activity on her Facebook page is consistent with other social media scams. In the future, any urgent public safety matters like will be shared immediately by the FPD social media accounts."
Shared from Town of Franklin Police Dept Facebook page

Coincidentally, this type of post was covered in the recent session on "How to Spot Misinformation"

Misinformation & Fact checking resources

If you missed the session, you can take the MediaWise course on your own


How to Spot Misinformation Online
How to Spot Misinformation Online

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