Saturday, December 10, 2022

Armenian Weekly: "Camp Haiastan planning expansion for Under the Trees project"

"Since last spring, Camp Haiastan has been working on designing an expanded Under the Trees. Anyone who has attended Camp Haiastan knows this area as the place where the entire Camp gathers for daily announcements and the Lord’s Prayer before meals. This area is also the Camp’s primary vantage point of Uncas Pond, Hye Hope Pavilion, the basketball courts and the lower Camp entrance. 
Anyone sitting Under the Trees can see nearly everything that is happening at Camp Haiastan. It is also a place many campers use to just relax, gather in small groups, play board games, read or observe their natural surroundings. “The Camp has grown significantly since the original Under the Trees area was constructed, and the area needs expansion and renovation,” notes executive director Kenar Charchaflian.

With the help of Kyle Zick Landscape Architecture (KZLA) of Boston, a series of designs was developed and reviewed by the Camp’s Infrastructure Committee led by Board member Michael Bahtiarian. The Committee chose a design that fits the needs and character of Camp Haiastan and presented the selection at the 70th anniversary gala in July.  

The new design will double the size of the Under the Trees area. In addition, it will not only save and secure the existing trees, but also plan for the future by planting new ones. Much like the current Under the Trees, the stone patio will include a new Armenian eternity symbol. The area closer to the Summer Office will have rounded benches, while the section closer to the Rec Hall will be square and have two new platforms and multiple benches.
KZLA has designed the new Under the Trees to seat as many as 150 campers and counselors. The area will be surrounded by new plants and vegetation as well as walking paths. Lighting will be added below benches to allow the space to be used at night. Other infrastructure improvements will be made as this project necessitates them, including rainwater drainage, irrigation and burying utilities."

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Expanded Under the Trees 3D image by KZLA
Expanded Under the Trees 3D image by KZLA

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