Thursday, December 8, 2022

Finance Committee gets to a better understanding of the school budget (video)

The Finance Committee got almost all they asked for at their meeting Wednesday. This was the scheduled deep dive into the school budget and while most questions were covered in detail, some were put aside for follow up.

From an observer's perspective, while this was the deepest dive by this committee, many of the topics and questions were covered during School Committee meetings, so it would seem to make sense to have more meetings like this to enhance that communication flow rather than waiting for the budget hearings or this type of 'deep dive'.

Given the focus on the hard question for why the School Committee deviated from the plan for COLA with the bargaining units that the rest of the units settled for, teacher contracts received 4/4/4% vs. town contracts of 2.5/2.5/2.5%. More communication could avoid the surprise and better understand the rationale rather than waiting.

Franklin TV video replay ->

The agenda and released documents for this meeting can be found ->

My recap and full set of notes will be shared in a day or so

Franklin, MA: Finance Committee meeting
Franklin, MA: Finance Committee meeting

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