Sunday, February 26, 2023

Franklin.TV: Gus Brown - Franklin’s Building Inspector

by Pete Fasciano, Executive Director 02/26/2023

Not many would think of a building inspector as a positive change agent, but when I started at Franklin.TV I got to know Gus in just that way. When we began our search for a building to house our TV studio, both Gus and Mike D’Angelo were quite helpful. We talked architecture details, examined the old town hall building as a possible site. I learned something from every discussion.

After we found our current building, Gus visited us in the early phase of renovation, and he offered up a great idea for ease of access. He solved our internal handicap access issues between the original building and our new addition. His design ideas also made it possible for us to add a second outside access ramp. An attractive and useful design detail at little cost.

The result: Gus’ suggestions made it much easier for our crews to load and roll equipment in and out of our studio for remote event coverage (and we do cover a lot of remote events.) I did relate this good news to Gus (along with my appreciation) some time ago. When we tend to the needs of those with mobility limits, we all win.
Handicap access design

Remember your last run through the airport and rolling (or dragging) all that luggage? Handicap access design made your trip much easier.

While I’ve always supported ease of access for all, I saw it as a necessary and worthwhile benefit for others, but I didn’t need it.

At least, not until today (Fri, 2-24).

Thanks to my right Achilles tendon, I have a new wardrobe accessory for a couple of months.

And, (big thanks to Gus), it’s okay. I’m good to go. Literally.

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And – as always – thanks for watching.

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