Thursday, March 2, 2023

Frankie joins the Franklin Police Dept; she is in training as a therapy dog

"Introducing the newest member of the FPD…

The Franklin Police Department is excited to announce the arrival of Ben Franklin’s new partner, Frankie! Frankie is a 6 month old chocolate lab recruited from  professional Canine Services of Middleboro MA. Frankie will be partnered with Ben and Officer Gove of the Department’s Community Services Unit. Frankie will begin her training this summer by attending rigorous training to become a therapy dog. She will also be trained as a “friendly find” search dog to assist with searches for missing people.

Upon completion of her training, she will participate in an intensive field training program with Ben and the rest of the FPD Community Services Unit. Once all of  her training is completed, she will be ready to meet the public while serving the students and residents of Franklin.

For now, she has been getting to know her surroundings and meeting all of her new co-workers who are ecstatic to have a new member of the team. Frankie is thrilled for the opportunity to work with Ben and Officer Gove.

Ben Franklin Is excited to train and work with Frankie. He has already started to show her the ropes and they bonded immediately. He is excited to share some of the workload and to work with Frankie.

We are looking forward to having two highly trained therapy dogs here in the
Department/community to serve the public.

Stay tuned for more updates and please feel free to reach out to Officer David Gove at if you have any questions."

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