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Friday, May 20, 2022

Good things take time...

"What dream of yours are you nurturing right now? 🌷

Making quick progress or getting fast results certainly sounds nice, and in our fast-paced world, it can seem like things must be completed in an instant.

But taking things step by step and making progress daily is what generates real results. So if a goal seems too large right now, the thing to do isn’t to speed up.

👉🏽Instead, embrace the power of slow and work towards your finish line with patience and discipline. Let all the good things you’ve been chasing come and catch you, and remember that no matter how small your efforts may feel, things will come together sooner than later."

Via The Good Life Project on Instagram ->

Good things take time...
Good things take time...

Monday, April 25, 2022

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Franklin Police Officer Lagoa recognized with CIT Award

Proud day for the Franklin Police Department as Officer Tara Lagoa is presented with an award from Norfolk County TTAC and Brookline MA Police Department. The award recognizes Officer Lagoa’s contributions to the community to the FPD and her actions during the performance of her duties when responding to mental health emergencies and calls involving persons in crisis. Officer Lagoa was presented the award by Brookline’s Detective Sergeant Malinn.

CIT is an advanced level of training for officers to help them recognize and assist those individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. Congratulations Officer Lagoa! 

Shared from FPD Instagram:

Franklin Police Officer Lagoa recognized with CIT Award
Franklin Police Officer Lagoa recognized with CIT Award

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Bernheart family thank Franklin Police/Franklin Fire for emergency response

"On 12/31/2021 around 10 pm, Officer Kal Koblick, Officer Jon Giron, and Sergeant Mike Colecchi responded to a residential address for an unresponsive man who was not breathing. The man was David Bernheart. While responding to the call, dispatchers from the Metacomet Emergency Communications Center provided CPR instructions via the phone to David’s family.

Once on scene, Sergeant Colecchi began chest compressions while Officer Koblick set up the AED. David was administered a successful shock with the AED and the team of Sgt. Colecchi, Officer Koblick, and Officer Giron continued chest compressions and rescue breaths. The Franklin Fire Department arrived and began their advanced life-saving skills and transported David to the hospital. Later at the hospital, David began breathing on his own and made a recovery weeks later. He was able to return home to his family.

Yesterday, the Bernheart family met with each of the officers from that night and expressed their gratitude. Medical calls like this involve a great deal of privacy and are not often publicized but the Bernhearts were insistent on sharing their story and the amazing life-saving work done by the FPD and the FFD. This is just one example of the GREAT work performed by the FPD and the FFD. Great work that is performed 24/7 365.

Pictured below are Officer Kal Koblick, the Bernheart family, Officer Jon Giron, and Sgt. Mike Colecchi. Great job guys and thank you to the Bernheart family for letting us share their story."

Officer Kal Koblick, the Bernheart family, Officer Jon Giron, and Sgt. Mike Colecchi
Officer Kal Koblick, the Bernheart family, Officer Jon Giron, and Sgt. Mike Colecchi

Saturday, January 29, 2022

All 4 FHS teams posts wins on Friday; basketball vs. KP and swim vs. Milford

Via, we share the results of the FHS winter sports action on Friday:
Boys Basketball = King Philip, 46 @ Franklin, 69 – Final 
– After giving up 16 points in the opening quarter, Franklin’s defense limited the visiting Warriors to 11 points or less in each of the next three quarters on its way to a win. Franklin also got off to a good start offensively with 22 points in the opening quarter. The Panthers extended the lead in each of the next three frames, pushing it to seven at halftime (32-25) and a 15-point cushion (51-36) going into the fourth. Sophomore Henry Digiorgio hit a trio of trifectas on his way to a game-high 19 points while Sean O’Leary (11 points) and Sean Vinson (10 points) each hit two three-pointers and finished in double figures. Sophomore Andrew O’Neill scored seven of his eight in the third to help the Panthers pull away. Tommy Martorano led King Philip, scoring all of his team-high 12 points in the first quarter.

Girls Basketball = Franklin, 48 @ King Philip, 21 – Final 
– Franklin was held to its lowest points total of the season, but the Panthers locked down on defense, not allowing KP to score more than nine points in a quarter, to stay unbeaten. The Warriors led 6-3 after the first, but the Panthers held KP to three in the second and went into the locker room leading 15-9. Franklin outscored the Warriors 33-12 in the second half to pull out the win. Katie Peterson led all scorers with 14, including eight in the second quarter. Olivia Quinn scored eight and Stefany Padula had seven for the visitors. KP was led by Liv Lafond’s seven points and Elizabeth Molla had four.

Swimming = Franklin @ Milford, 4:00
No score available at this time. The swim team Instagram account does share they celebrated a double victory!
"We had such an AWESOME final dual meet and senior night tonight against Milford! Double wins for boys and girls making this an UNDEFEATED season for our varsity girls team!!! 💪💪Rowan and Faith got the Nemo and the party animal tonight for their exceptional amount of hard work and team spirit all season!! Thank you so much to all the juniors, sophomores, and freshman for planning such an awesome senior night! WE LOVE YOU - your seniors❤️ "
Double wins for boys and girls making this an UNDEFEATED season for our varsity girls team!!!
"Double wins for boys and girls making this an UNDEFEATED season for our varsity girls team!!!"

For other results around the Hockomock League

Monday, January 17, 2022

Both FHS girls and boys swim teams post wins vs. Taunton on Thursday

Via the FHS Swim Team Instagram account:

"AMAZING meet Franklin!! A win for boys AND girls, and sectionals qualifier Ashley in the 500 and states qualifier in the girls 200 free relay!!!! Nemo and Dory this week goes to Super Sydney and Brendan!!!! #swimstagram

The girls won 89-53 vs Taunton; the boys won 87-61! "

A set of 10 photos posted to Instagram from the meet day ->

Apparently detailed results are not available. If anyone knows of the web page where they are, please let me know.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

SAFE Peer to Peer shares emojis to be aware of

Acronyms and abbreviations can be challenging to make sense of. In a digital and social media world, we also need to deal with emojis. Emojis are those little images some folks add to their posts. Other than some obvious happy faces, what do they mean? 

The SAFE Coalition P2P group shared this depicting which emojis can be code for drug use.

SAFE Coalition P2P emojis to be aware of
SAFE Coalition P2P emojis to be aware of

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Cake Bar update - closing Aug 14 to re-open (TBD) with new owners

"Hi everyone! It is with sadness we inform you that The Cake Bar is closing its doors. We want to thank the town of Franklin, surrounding towns, and all our customers for your loyalty and friendship throughout the years. Our last day will be Saturday, August 14th, so come in to get your treats and smoothie bowls while they last.

We know you need your smoothie fix, so look for upcoming news about Sippin’ Smoothies and bowls on Facebook or Instagram! @sippinsmoothies   

The new owners will continue to provide you with beautiful, delicious custom cakes and cupcakes, and will also turn it into a wonderful place for breakfast and lunch. They will be shutting down for renovations but make sure to look for the grand opening in the fall! We’ll see you there and we can all give them a big welcome!

Thank you all so much - The Cake Bar"

Cake Bar update - closing Aug 14 to re-open (TBD) with new owners
Cake Bar update - closing Aug 14 to re-open (TBD) with new owners

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Franklin Art Association: Virtual Gallery on Facebook

Check out our *third* FAA Virtual Gallery which is up on the FAA Facebook pages, as well as Instagram.   

The Facebook video is 3 minutes long while Instagram limits their videos to one minute. 

Franklin Art Association:  Virtual Gallery on Facebook
Franklin Art Association:  Virtual Gallery on Facebook


Friday, December 18, 2020

Franklin Garden Club: Virtual Gift Basket Sale through December 19

The Franklin Garden Club is holding a virtual gift basket auction from December 17 -  December 19 through its Facebook and Instagram sites where there are full descriptions of each basket.  

The gift basket themes include: projects for quilters;  food and other goodies to enjoy around a campfire; holiday ornaments, candles and candy; kitchen accessories;  women’s accessories; and creative nature projects for children. They may be purchased through the garden club Facebook page and Instagram account.  

The Facebook page is called Franklin Garden Club – Massachusetts @franklinmagardenclub  (or direct link = 

The Garden Club Instagram handle is @franklingardenclubma  (or direct link =

Online payment options will be available. 


Franklin Garden Club:   Virtual Gift Basket Sale through December 19
Franklin Garden Club:   Virtual Gift Basket Sale through December 19

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Interview with Dr Fauci (Instagram video)

Erin Bromage (@ErinBromage) tweeted at 1:36 PM on Sat, Sep 26, 2020:

"I don't care how tangential the reference. I'm in awe that something I wrote was discussed with in an interview with Dr Fauci (and he didn't shoot me down)."

The article Erin Bromage references was shared here and was part of the viral attention that it picked up. More people visited to get that article than any other ever published.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Spend a few minutes with Marcus

Better late to this than not to have seen it. The ONE thing the pandemic has given us is time. The real question then comes back, if we let it, "how do we use this time?"

Marcus Buckingham, the strengths guy, speaker, author ... Someone I would put on my 'dream Board of Directors" posted this 14 minute video to Instagram. He did it, not his team, they are all distant now. As we are physically distant too. And we don't, shouldn't be, socially distant. We need each other to get through this.

Spend a few minutes with Marcus. He has a series of these. Don't catch up all at once. Gardening is not a binge action. Gardening takes time, you can not rush it.

We all have a responsibility right now. To give and to give up. There are things in life we have to give up in order to contribute. We have to give up our going out, our eating out, our hugging and handshaking. And there are things that we can give. Yes, we can give money, food, excess toilet paper to our neighbors. And of course, your biggest gift: contributing the strongest and best parts of you. But if you don’t know what those are, and if the people around you don’t either, this ‘biggest gift’ is not possible. I’ve probably spent too many hours wishing I could sing or make songs like Chris Martin of Coldplay, or play piano like @JohnLegend. Or tell jokes like @TheEllenShow. But those are not my gifts to give. I’m just a researcher. One who loves to ask questions and write books. I AM clear, though, on where I am strong. And so, for the next, oh dear, however many weeks, I want to help you bring more love and more strength into your life. And if you do, then, as the data show, you will bring more strength into the lives of those you love: Your son, daughter, sister, mother, father, friend, and maybe your bullheaded yet brilliant, British mate. So, here is day one. I promise to give my best tomorrow to you. I see you. I love you.
A post shared by Marcus Buckingham (@marcusbuckingham) on

From my email from Marcus:

Hello. I hope the last 8 videos in the #iseeyouiloveyou series have been useful in your life and the lives of those you love.

I’ve linked each below in case you missed any of them:

I hope you join me this week for #StrongLifeTeam - Together we will build something for you that you will be able to lean into for a lifetime.