Sunday, October 1, 2023

LiveARTS Concert Series expands by collaborating with Chaminade Club of Attleboro & Schubert Club of Providence

Dear Friends, 
The LiveARTS Concert Series is expanding. This season, we are teaming up with the Chaminade Club of Attleboro and the Schubert Club of Providence to provide you with more opportunities to hear great music in our communities.
LiveARTS will continue to present outstanding musicians one would expect to hear in New York or Boston, and through our partner organizations, we will also promote concerts that include community-based performances.
LiveARTS Concert Series expands
Live ARTS Concert Series expands

Our season kicks off with the pianist Leslie Amper performing works of Robert and Clara Schumann on Sunday, October 15th at the First Universalist Society in Franklin (262 Chestnut St.) at 3:00 PM. This performance is particularly noteworthy as Leslie will also accompany a silent movie which will be quite fun and interesting.
On Sunday, November 19th, the concert series shifts to the Murray Unitarian Universalist Church in Attleboro (505 North Main St.) for a 3:00 PM.  performance by the renowned William Hite, tenor, with me accompanying in Schubert’s brilliant song cycle, Winterreise. 
Boston Symphony Orchestra violinist Victor Romanul returns to the LiveARTS stage with his wife, pianist Lisa Romanul, in works by Mozart, Paganini, Kreisler, and Sousa on Sunday, March 24 at 3:00 PM at the First Universalist Society in Franklin. 
Our season concludes with our Young Artists Showcase:  young artist students of remarkable local teachers representing LiveARTS, the Chaminade Clubs of Attleboro and Providence, the Schubert Club, and the Chopin Club of Providence. Hear some astounding performances by emerging young artists of the next generation on Sunday, May 19th at 3:00 PM at the First Universalist Society in Franklin! 
For more information and to purchase tickets, visit our website:
The Chaminade Club will also offer an array of concerts including the Borromeo Quartet violinist Nicholas Kitchen, violin, and Ann Sears, piano, in a performance of Mozart, Beethoven, and American composers Clarence Cameron White and Amy Beach, on Sunday, January 28th at 3 PM at the Murray Church in Attleboro. 
For more information about this and other Chaminade Club community concerts, please visit:
All this good news is invigorating, and I hope you are drawn to support LiveARTS and these other organizations this season. To be a truly profound artistic experience, music requires totally engaged performers, attentive audiences, and generous patrons to make a well-maintained instrument in a beautiful space possible.  
As Beethoven once wrote, “There is nothing more beautiful than distributing happiness to many people.”  What carries happiness and delight better than music?  Please attend our concerts, and support music in every way you are able, so that music will inspire us all into the future!  
All best,
Ann Sears
Artistic Director

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