Monday, May 20, 2024

Healthy KP, Hockomock YMCA and SAFE Coalition to Host "Be Here Tomorrow" Speaker Event at Gillette Stadium on May 29

Superintendent Rich Drolet and Healthy KP Coalition Coordinator Oomiya Kawas are pleased to share that speaker Kevin Hines will be telling his story of hope, healing and resiliency at Gillette Stadium on May 29.

In 2000, Hines attempted suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge at age 19. He survived the fall and ever since he has dedicated his life to advocating for those with mental pain and talking about the importance of mental health.

Kevin Hines will be speaking at the "Be Here Tomorrow" event at Cross Insurance Pavilion at Gillette Stadium on May 29. (Photo courtesy Kevin Hines)
Kevin Hines will be speaking at the "Be Here Tomorrow" event at Cross Insurance Pavilion at Gillette Stadium on May 29. (Photo courtesy Kevin Hines)

The event, entitled "Be Here Tomorrow" is being hosted by community partners Healthy KP, Hockomock Area YMCA and the SAFE Coalition and will be held at the Cross Insurance Pavilion at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough from 6:30-8:30 PM on Wednesday, May 29.

Registration for this free event is required and is open to community members over the age of 10. To sign up click here click here. Doors will open at 6 PM.

Media members are welcome to attend but must register with the event link. Photography is permitted, but videography is not. 

This event is being offered at no cost to the community due to the support and commitment to mental well-being provided by the host organizations.

"It is a priority of ours to advocate for the well-being of our students, which includes providing them with opportunities to learn how to utilize mental health resources," Superintendent Drolet said. "I'm hopeful that Kevin's story will encourage our school community to continue promoting stewardship of their own mental health."

The Healthy KP Coalition is a group of community volunteers dedicated to reducing substance use. Healthy KP’s mission is to empower the communities of Wrentham, Plainville and Norfolk to live a healthy, substance abuse-free life through youth leadership, education, policy, support and training. Healthy KP’s vision is a thriving community free of substance abuse. 

“Education, resources, and support around the importance of mental wellness and mental health is paramount to the reduction of substance abuse and the success of our community members. We want to empower our communities to live long, healthy lives where they are thriving, whatever that means to them," Healthy KP Coalition Coordinator Kawas said. "Kevin's story is deeply moving and powerful, and our community will become closer by witnessing his story together. His resilience reminds us of the importance of caring for our mental wellbeing, and believing that we can be here tomorrow.”

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