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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Planning Board : Public Hearing Notice - Aug 21

In accordance with the Town of Franklin Zoning By-Laws, the Franklin Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Monday, August 21, 2017 at 7:10 PM in the Town Council Chambers of the Franklin Municipal Building, 355 East Central Street, for a Site Plan Modification application titled "Franklin Innovation Center, Site Plan Modification, Franklin, MA 02038" prepared by Guerriere & Halnon, Inc. and submitted to the Franklin Department of Planning and Community Development on July 25, 2017 by Moseley Realty, LLC, Franklin, MA 02038.

The site is located at 31 Hayward Street in the Industrial Zoning District (Assessors Map 278, Lots 024 and 24.1). The applicant is proposing to construct 22 additional parking spaces and modification to their existing storm water management system.

Please note: This will be your only written notice of this public hearing. Should the Planning Board vote to continue this Public Hearing, the date and time will be posted on the Planning Board's website under Agendas.

Copies of the plan and supporting documentation may be reviewed in the Department of Planning and Community Development during regular office hours .

Please contact the Department of Planning and Community Development at (508) 520-4907 if you require further information or if you need to make arrangements to provide translation services for the hearing impaired, or for persons with language barriers.

Anthony Padula, Chairman

Franklin Innovation Center, Site Plan Modification
Franklin Innovation Center, Site Plan Modification

This was shared from the Town of Franklin webpage


Tuesday, March 17, 2009


In our continuing series on the businesses located in Franklin, this press release just came out featuring the Moseley Group.

Cumberland Farms, the well‐known convenience store throughout the Northeast, takes on a new look this week with the help of The Moseley Group, a leading food and beverage consulting firm in Franklin, Massachusetts.

The grand opening of Cumberland Farms’s new concept store Friday in Farmington, CT, celebrated the family‐owned company’s farm heritage with a new identity and décor package, and new made‐to‐order food offerings.

The Moseley Group was hired by Cumberland Farms a year ago to help reimage the 71‐year old company and reinvigorate the business model for its 600 stores in 11 states.

“We updated the concept with new identity, new décor, new food and new packaging,” said Tom Moseley, president. “Yet we were careful to remain true to the core of the brand. There is tremendous loyalty within the Cumberland Farms customer base, and we worked to extend the brand assets to reach new customers, too. It is not well known that Cumberland Farms is a family‐owned business in its third‐generation of leadership. We wanted to highlight this story to create a more personal connection between the stores and their customers, which we did through identity and packaging.”

The new identity includes a timeless expression of the company name, refined tree icon and new color palette; the elements work together to convey a commitment to freshness. Packaging design highlights the founding family, depicting images from circa 1930, and expresses the company’s principle commitment to good quality and value.

Moseley’s culinary team led the development of a new menu featuring hot flatbread, ciabatta and breakfast sandwiches. “This offering is what the New England convenience‐store customer is seeking – on‐trend flavor profiles delivered in a ready‐to‐eat format,” said Chris Milloff, managing partner. “Cumberland’s program is new for New England, and we expect they’ll see tremendous success with it.”

The new concept store features Merrychef accelerated ovens, which deliver sandwiches 10–15 times faster than conventional convection ovens, with perfectly toasted breads, caramelized meat flavors, and melted cheeses. Farmington, CT is the first reimaging of a Cumberland Farms store, to be followed by a store in Deep River, CT slated for opening later this month. The new design and culinary principles will be rolled out in many markets over the coming 18–24 months.
The Moseley Group is based in Franklin, MA.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Industry: Moseley Group

Continuing our series on local companies based in Franklin, I find the Moseley Group with this press release that is the most social media friendly I have seen to date.

Way to go Moseley Group!

FRANKLIN, MA – The Moseley Group, a leading food and beverage industry consulting firm, was chosen Thursday by the Governor’s Task Force on the Economic Sustainability of Maine’s Lobster Industry to help strengthen and improve the state’s leading fishery.

The Task Force, formed last fall after a sharp decline in lobster prices, chose The Moseley Group following a thorough review of more than a dozen proposals from marketing and consulting firms from across the country. Task Force members cited Moseley’s depth of experience in working with internationally known brands and products, such as Coca-Cola, Ocean Spray, Juan Valdez, McCain, Nestle and others, as a key factor in their choice.

Kristen Bailey, a vice-president at Moseley, will be the lead consultant on the project. A Maine native, Bailey is the former executive director of the Maine Lobster Promotion Council and was the architect of the Certified Maine Lobster program that was aimed at preserving markets and strengthening the Maine lobster brand. She operates offices in Portland, Maine and Franklin, Massachusetts.

“Working with Maine’s lobster industry is very rewarding and meaningful to me,” she said. “Our firm looks forward to utilizing our experience with other industries to help strengthen and improve the economic model of Maine’s lobster industry.”

The initial discovery phase of the project will begin with an industry panel
meeting in Portland, scheduled for February 26.
For more about the Moseley Group check out their web site here.

For what their social media ready press release looks like visit here.

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