Saturday, February 14, 2009

Industry: Moseley Group

Continuing our series on local companies based in Franklin, I find the Moseley Group with this press release that is the most social media friendly I have seen to date.

Way to go Moseley Group!

FRANKLIN, MA – The Moseley Group, a leading food and beverage industry consulting firm, was chosen Thursday by the Governor’s Task Force on the Economic Sustainability of Maine’s Lobster Industry to help strengthen and improve the state’s leading fishery.

The Task Force, formed last fall after a sharp decline in lobster prices, chose The Moseley Group following a thorough review of more than a dozen proposals from marketing and consulting firms from across the country. Task Force members cited Moseley’s depth of experience in working with internationally known brands and products, such as Coca-Cola, Ocean Spray, Juan Valdez, McCain, Nestle and others, as a key factor in their choice.

Kristen Bailey, a vice-president at Moseley, will be the lead consultant on the project. A Maine native, Bailey is the former executive director of the Maine Lobster Promotion Council and was the architect of the Certified Maine Lobster program that was aimed at preserving markets and strengthening the Maine lobster brand. She operates offices in Portland, Maine and Franklin, Massachusetts.

“Working with Maine’s lobster industry is very rewarding and meaningful to me,” she said. “Our firm looks forward to utilizing our experience with other industries to help strengthen and improve the economic model of Maine’s lobster industry.”

The initial discovery phase of the project will begin with an industry panel
meeting in Portland, scheduled for February 26.
For more about the Moseley Group check out their web site here.

For what their social media ready press release looks like visit here.

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