Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live reporting - Advance placement (AP)


AP Access – Peter Light, John Koch, Wayne Ogden, Michele Kingsland-Smith

per Wayne Ogden, Mass Insight invited Franklin to participate in a grant based initiative to give wider access to a larger number of students. We are very excited to be part of this.

The AP program is the most challenging level of curriculum offered to high school student. The AP courses are aligned to entry level college courses.

Concept driven as opposed to text book driven

This does not redesign curriculum, this supplements what is already in place.

5 approaches
  • algebraic
  • graphical
  • numeric
  • verbal
  • physical
English, Science, and Math currently; looking to add Social Studies

Identifying students based upon College Board PSAT results to predict likelihood of scoring a 3 or better on an AP test

John Koch provided handout with sample lessons

Why are we investigating these issues?
Teachers know that there are no perfect systems, there is always something we can build upon.

What are they doing down there?
What are the grade levels below sending to the next level? Knowing what is being done makes a difference. Similar to the literacy program, there is a consistency of language amongst the grade level teachers.

Skills are revisited from week to week, and year to year.

I went to training last week and came back all excited. There is not much more than I can do to promote this than to say that I am excited about this especially in the dog days of February.

Peter Light - Currently, 10-15 students in AP English, according to the College Board indicator, there are 115 students that have a 70% chance of scoring the 3 or better. That really expands the concept of what the student is that is an AP class.

Wayne Ogden - I am going to a meeting to explore with Mass Insight how we can sustain this going forward. There is a local contribution (approx. $10,000) that under the circumstances will be questioned. We want to add to the levels of training. The challenge to Mass Insight is how they can keep this going and keep it affordable. In the short term, finding the 10K might be the easy part, changing the mind set from the B+ student to the expansion Peter has talked about is going to be the hard part.

Roy - We don't have to go out and invest in other people to bring them in to do this.

Ogden - We have the people here, we would need to take advantage of the professional development from Mass Insight. One of the things these teachers did last summer was to spend a week doing this intensive training.

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