Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live reporting - FHS School Improvement plan

Franklin High School Principal - Peter Light

AP Access

Have not come up with a formal process to analyze the MCAS scores across the high school. Each department has done great work within their areas and then shared with the school as a whole.


Notices to home have been coming via email rather than printed note.
Working on electronic report card distribution, he is not confident with the technology yet. He is trying with the third term reports.

Peter has started a blog

School Safety

Working on updating the fire drill procedures
Working with the Police to do a lock down during a "passing time" that is when the students are in motion changing classrooms. Prior lock downs were done with students in the classrooms which is easier.

Light - the system automatically recognizes when there is a valid email address. When there isn't, it automatically prints a hard copy which would be mailed to the home. We try to use technology as much as possible.

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