Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How should MA be represented?

In a successor to the 50 States Quarters Program, the U.S. Mint, in a nationwide program, has asked Governor Patrick to select one preferred and three alternate Massachusetts national sites to be featured on the reverse of a quarter. Beginning in 2010, the Mint will release five new quarter designs annually based on the order in which the selected sites gained federal designation.

Governor Patrick is calling on the people of Massachusetts to help with this decision.

“Our Commonwealth has many great parks and historically significant sites,” said Governor Patrick. “It will be fun to let everybody help choose the one to submit.”

It will be fun to watch the various constituencies go for their cause.

How should MA be represented?

By a mark of the Revolution?

Those I think are fairly well plastered everywhere.

By a mark of the sailing industry?

I am leaning this way. Either Salem (for the clipper) or New Bedford (for the whaler) showed MA at the forefront of innovation in shipping and commerce. Such innovation is still required today.

What do you think? How will you vote?

The link to vote can be found here

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