Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live reporting - Action items

4. Action Items
  • I recommend action be taken regarding the make up day for the HM/Oak/ECDC Complex.
Motion to have the make up day be Good Friday
  • The best educational decision would be to come in on Good Friday
  • The best economical solution is to add a half day at the end of the year.
  • ECDC faculty has to put in 183, the students are not constrained by 180 days.
  • Transportation would be additional either way
Cafasso - let's do nothing, we are already over hours delivered, if the commissioner chooses to punish us, so be it.

Roy - we'll table this discussion what is in the best interest for the kids, what are the costs for the options
  • I recommend acceptance of Policy GBAB – Acceptable Use moved back to policy committee for review and revision
  • I recommend approval of the Franklin High School’s School Improvement Plan as Presented Approved 6-0
  • I recommend approval of the request of Parmenter Principal, Judi Bassignani to declare the listed books as surplus. Approved 6-0
  • I recommend acceptance of a check for $427.00 from General Mills Box Tops for Education for the Remington Middle School to be used for supplies. Approved 6-0
  • I recommend adoption of Policy KCDB School Based Advertising Content. Approved 6-0
  • I recommend moving Policy BEDGG/BEDGG-E Sub Committee Minutes & Exhibit to a second Reading Approved 6-0

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