Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live reporting - Discussion only items

3. Discussion Only Items
  • Second Reading – Acceptable Use Policy GBAB

  • First Reading – Sub Committee Minutes Policy & Exhibit BEDGG/GEDGG-E

  • Review District’s Vision and Goals that will guide budget reduction decisions
Cafasso - The mission, core values, vision is the 30,000 foot level, maybe we can get a 10,000 foot level to help us make our tough choices as they come. What is core curriculum? What is essential? If we don't make this early on, then we'll spend more time as we go.

Rohrbach - If there is anything we are reducing this year, plan on it not coming back, maybe ever.

Armenio - The face of education is going to look very different in Franklin in September.

Cafasso - When we cut something, it can't be just that it got us to the number we needed.

Roy - I don't think anyone should panic, I think we the best minds we have, we can work out a good solution. No one is blind to what is happening. The news about Boston and Winthrop is out there. Franklin is not alone.

Cafasso - We should get a plan together to ensure that the information is out there and listen to the parents to get their feedback. It will be less speechifying and more listening.

Roy - These meetings are public, they are being broadcast

Ogden - health insurance numbers came in at 5% instead of 10%, so that number can help overall. Instead of 5.2 million short, we would only be 5 million short. We are looking to reduce our budget request by about 3.3 million dollars.

All our district employees are coming together Thursday afternoon at Horace Mann Auditorium to present what it is known and look for ideas on how to make ends meet.
  • FY10 Budget
Ogden - Chandler and I will be meeting with all the town heads Thursday morning with Jeff Nutting.

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