Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live reporting - Literacy continued


Sara Klim provides an update on the introduction of Readers Workshop
Professional development assisting with the consultants to help the other teachers in the district, i.e. a "train-the-trainer" model.

Middle School

Developed K-8 assessment process to be used across the district
Discovered inconsistency amongst the middle school in they way assessments were conducted
Focusing on the incoming 6th grade literacy skills currently to work through and work out the inconsistencies

Used one of the Professional Development half days to work on a unit and rework it to meet the literacy requirements

Observing sharing amongst the middle school teachers more so than ever before


First time receiving professional development with her students in the class after many years of good professional development here in Franklin

Readers Workshop model is exciting to work with at the elementary level

The Lab classroom teachers the most powerful component of the professional development
Lab classrooms used as resources within the building

Joan Toye, Principal at Kennedy Elementary, sits with 4-5 students for lunch twice a week, feedback from the students on what they like this year, 80-90 percent say that they really like the reading this year, they can sit, and read, and have time to think about what they are reading.

Think critically
Read widely
Read strategically
Communicate effectively
Implementation of this type program usually takes 5-7 years, feedback from the teachers and consultants are indicating a greater acceptance at an early stage than expected.

Crucial that the vocabulary is taught prior to the use in reading

There are too many ways to do note taking, the Franklin teachers need to come together and simplify their approach so that it more easily implemented.

Cornell notes - have been around for sometime, hindsight is 20/20 but it can be powerful

We SQ3R'd everything. (Survey Question Read Write Review)

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