Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Live reporting - Legislation for action

  1. Resolution 09-05: Confirmatory Order of Taking Cross and King Street - approved 8-0
  2. Resolution 09-07: Appropriation – Public Facilities Salaries - approved 8-0
  3. Resolution 09-08: Appropriation – Title and Deed Research - approved 8-0
  4. Resolution 09-09: Appropriation – Survey on 30+ Acres on Pond Street - moved to March 4th meeting
#1 - a small parcel of land was left off the prior Four Corner transactions, this cleans up that situation in order to move forward with the Walgreens proposal.

#2 - house cleaning on the accounting, when the department changes took place 5 were planned for, only four actually moved.

#3 - money needed to clear title and ownership for town owned land that has been accumulated over time. The company has already been doing the work, this amount allows them to finish what is in their queue.

#4 - again to clear title and survey for the land. The Town did get State approval for the 40-D priority development for this land. The approval comes with a grant to help improve the planning and permitting process.

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