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Friday, August 3, 2012

Saturday, August 1, 2009

FHS Update and Amendment to the Program of Studies

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via FHS Principal's Blog by lightp on 7/31/09

Please excuse the date on this letter, but as I prepare to leave for vacation, I wanted to post a copy of this letter which will be sent next week to the FHS Community. The letter is designed to highlight and explain changes that will or have occurred at FHS as we prepare for the coming year. Guidance Counselors will be in the Office on August 18th and 19th to answer questions or resolve scheduling conflicts.

Click below for a version of the letter that can be downloaded and printed.

FHS Update

Things you can do from here:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Breaking the downward cycle

"In Franklin, you basically have a one-in-four chance of not making it through high school. That's a pretty scary statistic," said Light.
Read the remainder of this important point from FHS Principal Peter Light's presentation to the School Committee on Tuesday, July 21 in the Milford Daily News here

If you ever wondered why disciplinary action was taking school time away from the students who were in need of it, there is hope. Peter Light and the FHS faculty are looking closing at breaking the cycle where a student gets into trouble, is given detention, suspended, misses school, can't make up as they fall behind and eventually leaves school. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Now the cycle is about to get changed.

You can wait until several days after the School Committee meeting to read about what happened or subscribe to Franklin Matters and obtain the information as it is published during the meeting.

A subscription to Franklin Matters is free. There are no advertisements here.

This is a public service effort to share information about school and town issues to create informed voters. A voter that is well prepared with factual information will cast a better ballot when the time comes in Franklin.

Subscription buttons are located front and center on Franklin Matters. You can subscribe via email, RSS, or capture the podcast via iTunes.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Live reporting - FHS School Improvement plan

Franklin High School Principal - Peter Light

AP Access

Have not come up with a formal process to analyze the MCAS scores across the high school. Each department has done great work within their areas and then shared with the school as a whole.


Notices to home have been coming via email rather than printed note.
Working on electronic report card distribution, he is not confident with the technology yet. He is trying with the third term reports.

Peter has started a blog

School Safety

Working on updating the fire drill procedures
Working with the Police to do a lock down during a "passing time" that is when the students are in motion changing classrooms. Prior lock downs were done with students in the classrooms which is easier.

Light - the system automatically recognizes when there is a valid email address. When there isn't, it automatically prints a hard copy which would be mailed to the home. We try to use technology as much as possible.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SchCom: Sabolinski, Light, Ogden

Incoming Superintendent Maureen Sabolinski and Peter Light listen as current Superintendent Wayne Ogden explains the selection process that resulted in Peter being announced as the new Principal of Franklin High School.

Additional notes from the School Committee meeting can be found here

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Live reporting - Peter Light - part 2

Peter introduces himself provides some background for the community

Worked here since 1997, began as substitute, two middle schools and eventually the high school

K-12 Director of Music

Bring to the table his sense of the community, especially as with his background in music. Worked with music boosters group, meet parents and other members of the community at concerts.

Looking to bridge the gap between the community and the school.

Partially responsible for the Freshman Collaborative
Starting to see benefits of the work preparing the students to come into the high school

Work on the blackboard program (as reported here from last summer)
looking to expand the program across the high school and middle schools

First and foremost, high school has to be about teaching and learning

1 - Scholarship
has to be first in mind about the quality of education, how well students will do beyond high school; ensure a level of confidence, raising expectations, how we work with administrators, teachers inside the building and across the district

conference scheduled at end of this year to work on creating a common language for teacher feedback, sense of continuous improvement

need for continual positive feedback to ensure continual development of teachers
essential values that teachers have to share

strategy - it is not just intelligence, it is how you can use it; how do we work with students who struggle, how do we take students where they are at and take them to the next level

2 - Community
Community needs to have a level of confidence in the high school, communication of high standards and expectation

3 - Leadership
transparency, openness, fosters a sense of open dialog
principal blog, to improve the immediacy of communications
looking for a podcast, particularly with the budget cycle coming
looking to reach out and engage constituent groups, particularly in the next 6 months

involve this Committee, Central Office, administration, students, parents, teachers, community, etc. gather data, evaluate, and develop a strategy

looking for expansion of the retired teacher volunteer opportunity

Pat Slight - thanks Ms Gould for her work; Mr Light was his vice principal as he came in as a freshman, this will be his third principal in his time at the high school, and he is fine with that.

Peter Light wants to keep a relationship with the students.

Jeff Roy - Mr Light was a finalist in the Needham search and he chose Franklin over Needham

Live reporting - Peter Light

Wayne Ogden - intro to Peter Light, in survey of students and facility, they heard: we want someone we know, we want stability, we want someone who knows what is going on. Peter's name was a consensus amongst those interviewed.

"We have in our midst is a gem of a young leader who can take us forward."

Peter will be the permanent principle beginning January 26th.