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Monday, March 21, 2022

Interview Preparation session - MCOA 50+ Program

50+ Job Seekers in MA Statewide Networking Groups

This free program is available through a grant from the Massachusetts Councils on Aging (MCOA) and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs

Session 10: Interview Preparation

Tuesday March 22nd: 10 am – 12 pm

Congratulations, you've been invited to an interview! What do you do next? Prepare! And prepare. And prepare.

But, how?

Join facilitator Melody Beach, as she discusses all things interview-related, with an emphasis on what you should do before the interview.


Why you need to know about this: The interview is the landing that follows all the mental and physical gymnastics of your job-search. Perfect the interview landing and your chance of landing the job goes way up!


Start your journey towards self-realization, reinvention and transformation with our virtual sessions - delivered via Zoom.

New to the program? Registration is Required:

For more information contact Denise Magnett:


Four different promo formats are attached.

Please post them, print them, or share them with anybody who could benefit by attending.

This prep session will be followed in two weeks by a practice/mock interview session.


Ed Lawrence

Interview Preparation session - MCOA 50+ Program
Interview Preparation session - MCOA 50+ Program

Monday, March 14, 2022

"Ageism" Presentation - via Zoom

Happy Sunday! Cold day today, but spring arrives in a few days. The weather report says we can expect temps in the 60's on Thursday.

*  According to a friend who works at Harvard, the university has over 700 job openings right now.
   Remember, the Boston area has over a hundred colleges.  Might be opportunities for many of you.

* A job-seeker told me some online job-applications use drop-downs for the "years of employment" and that the list of years stops in the mid-1980s.  Has anyone else noted dates creeping forward on applications?

Monday March 14th @ 6:30 pm, I will present via Zoom about Ageism for the Southwick Public Library.

If interested in joining us, email to let them know your interest.  They will register you and send you the Zoom link.


If any of you have teens aged 14+ who are starting to wonder what they want to do for a career, or are wondering whether college is right for them, tell them about my workshop--Career Options for Teens.

Registration info is at each library website.( Check their calendar)

3/21   6:30 pm   Uxbridge Library            (in-person)
3/29   5:00 pm   Southampton Library    (in-person)
4/13   4:30 pm   Palmer Library              (in-person)


My next practice interview group meets Wednesday March 29th at 6pm.

There will not be a last week in April meeting, as I will be at a convention.
Starting in May, the last week of month meetings will begin at 7pm.

Have a great day!

Ed Lawrence
Authorized DISC Administrator
Member, CPRW Certification Committee; NCOPE

"Ageism" Presentation - via Zoom
"Ageism" Presentation - via Zoom

Sunday, March 13, 2022

50+ Job Seekers: Virtual Event - Monday 3/14 @ 6:30 PM on "Ageism"

Via Ed Lawrence:

On Monday evening, I will present an updated edition of my Ageism presentation, courtesy of the Southwick Public Library.

From the library's event page:

Ageism is illegal. It's also rampant. Thousands of smart and experienced workers can't land a job, because of misguided perceptions and biases.

Come join us as we discuss ageism and present tips for not only handling it, but also using the perceptions to your advantage.

We'll also present the history of age discrimination court cases, common mistakes made by mature interviewees, a list of perceptions and how to deal with them.

If you're concerned about ageism, this is the presentation for you. Please email or stop by the library to sign up. 

This program is brought to you with federal funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Hope you will consider joining us.


Ed Lawrence
Authorized DISC Administrator
Member, CPRW Certification Committee; NCOPE
50+ Job Seekers:  Virtual Event - Monday 3/14 @ 6:30 PM on "Ageism"
50+ Job Seekers:  Virtual Event - Monday 3/14 @ 6:30 PM on "Ageism"