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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Who Gets the Money? Your Vote Decides for Dean Bank!

Who Gets the Money? Your Vote Decides!
Dean Bank will be hosting a fundraiser and would like you to help choose which Franklin-based non-profit organization will be the beneficiary.

On Saturday, October 10th, Dean Bank will host an E-Waste Recycling Collection behind its Main Office in Franklin. Local residents will be able to pay reasonable fees to drop off their old, used and unwanted electronics, which will be hauled away to a recycling facility. All profits will be donated to the Franklin-based non-profit that the community selects by voting at Dean Bank's website.

Dean Bank employees collectively nominated the following five organizations to be voted on: The Franklin Food Pantry, The Franklin Library, The Franklin Downtown Partnership, The Franklin 2010 July 4th Celebration, and Random Smile Project.

Tell us. . . Who do you support? The voting period will end on Monday, September 21st at 4:00pm. The organization that receives the most votes will be announced by Dean Bank as the fundraiser beneficiary. Voting is limited to one per computer. 

To VOTE on who you think should get the money and see current results, click HERE!
To LEARN MORE about the E-Waste Recycling Collection fundraiser, click HERE!