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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Live reporting - FHS Update

b. Franklin High School Update – Peter Light
DiLorenzo, Folan

reconfigured office personnel and responsibilities

reduced overall infractions from 4907 (07-08) to 4228 (08-09) to 3580 (09-10)
disruptive behavior dropped from 614 to 563 to 239 for same periods
cutting class only area of concern 157 to 140 to 277 showing an increase in the same periods
Possession of a controlled substance 3 to 2 to 2 (for a population of 1600 students)

out of school suspensions
07-08   187
08-09   190
09-10   114

team effort in the building, keeping students in the classrooms
The Alternative Discipline Program, an eight session program, part counseling part academics
Social suspensions - if a student is suspended for a period of time, can't participate in school activities or functions while on suspension

continuous improvement
focus on school culture - Rachel's Challenge (continuing as Friends of Rachel)
bullying and peer interaction, respectful relationships

instructional support teams - being put into place for the second half of the year

(need to add audio of the Peter Light re-telling of the Rachel Challenge presenter story)

on Athletic front, impact concussion testing is underway, started with the spring to establish a baseline in event that a student athlete did get a concussion, we would have some data to work with

looking to add five instructional support teams, to be implemented in the second half of the year
targeting 50-60 students in danger of failing a single subject for the year
an advance form of Response To Intervention (RTI) being implemented in the elementary and middle schools

Special Education Services Assessment being planned for Sp 2011

Arts Academy functioning for grade 11 with plans for that class to move up next year in grade 12 and then expand downward to grade 10 to cover three grades

Alternative Learning Program now located in H wing and by being integrated into the building provide greater access to the programs being offered in the school for the students

Robert Lima - Data Dashboard

"a vehicle to access state-wide and national test summaries for FHS"
sound of motorcycle revving up

  • convenient one stop shopping
  • click and view
  • provide lens into the data

comparison to Hockomock League as well as the DESE 'comparable' schools

wonderful comparison to the schools with the click of a link, chart and table data available

can't wait to see this in production, especially the cost per student comparisons are staggering
Franklin does get a big bang for the dollars we spend and the results the students get


  1. centralized in-house source for data
  2. data being incorporated into strategic planning
  3. online delivery of testing reports, moving further to a paperless system

access to the data will be available next Weds, Oct 20th

Cafasso - are you going to take this to the middle schools and PCC's?
Light - yes, we did this last year and plan on doing so this year. I think it was beneficial but the real ipact would be for the parents, if it helped them make a decision. At the end of the day, our students do compete with others for seats in the college class.

You won't need to have an Edline account to access the data, the data dashboard will be available on the FHS homepage and available to all

The reports are prepared secure PDF files, other interactive options can be requested, other data sets can be requested, it would take time to prepare and would be available in a later version.

Sabolinski - we are changing the culture on how we are using the data, the K-8 data will be available, both for transparency and analysis for program improvement

Roy - I do want to echo Roberta's comment on opening this to the greater community. Imagine if you only gave us a little more resources, look were we could go. We did try to go from good to great and have had to put that aside

Franklin, MA