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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Museum of Science: "Visit the Mass Clean Energy Center's Wind Turbine Testing Center" (video)

Rep Jeff Roy talked about his visit to the wind turbine blade testing facility in our recent episode of "Making Sense of Climate" series.  The Museum of Science produced this video about the visit and work being on wind power technology.

"In the case of #climatechange, the evidence is compelling: climate change is increasingly affecting the Northeast. Climate change threatens the Earth, social connectedness, infrastructure, and our public health. To combat it, Massachusetts must continue to invest and enact evidence-based policies that protect Massachusetts and our region from climate change.

This past July, Massachusetts passed An Act driving clean energy and offshore wind, a landmark climate bill that expands clean energy and sets ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With cooperation and innovation from the government, academic, industry and public sectors, the green economy in Massachusetts will positively impact citizens for generations to come. 

The Museum of Science is grateful to the Mass Clean Energy Council and the Wind Turbine Testing Center in Charlestown for hosting us at their facility to learn more about this industry. And, thank you to Jennifer Dalosio CEO of the Mass Clean Energy Center, Senator Sal DiDomenico, Representative Jeff Roy, and Representative Dan Ryan for speaking to the legislation and what offshore wind means for their districts and for the future #STEM workforce in Massachusetts.  

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