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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Old News: No "Race to the Top" for Franklin

Massachusetts was one of 11 states plus the District of Columbia to win the competitive funding, designed to promote statewide education reform. States vying for a share of the $4.3 billion fund had to pledge to pursue reforms in four areas: adopting standards and assessments aimed at increasing student success in college and the workplace; recruiting and rewarding effective teachers; building state data systems to measure student growth; and turning around the state's lowest performing schools.
Districts had to secure the support of the superintendent, the school committee, and the local teachers union to participate and be eligible for the federal funding. In Milford, as with many districts that opted out of the effort, union opposition was the stumbling block. 
You can read the full article in the Milford Daily News

Franklin is also one of the districts that opted out of "Race to the Top" because it already is at the top and would not gain via this program.

The Race to the Topic decision was made in Franklin in January. Details on the discussion from the School Committee meeting can be found here

Franklin, MA

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Live reporting - Race To The Top Program

The Race To The Top Program

if school districts in MA would like to apply, the application would need to be submitted by midnight Wednesday 1/13/10.

approx. $19,000 possible available
MTA has signed off on the Memorandum of Understanding
36 districts have committed thus far to proceed
there was an indication of significant funding early on, but realistically $19,000 won't go very far.

The investment of accountability may not cover the amount

recommendation to not pursue at this time

the money would be for new initiatives
the bulk of the money would be targeted to under-performing districts (which we are not)
According to the latest ranking we are rated 1, the districts rated 4 or 5 would get the bulk of the money

vocational, charter and 36 public school districts have committed thus far

The funding and administrative support are unrealistic given our challenges with a level funded budgeted.