Saturday, March 5, 2016

Kids Yoga Classes - - - Don't Miss Out


March 15


Tranquil Souls

15 E Central St 
Franklin, MA


Two Fun-Filled Programs 

Tranquil Turtles (Ages 5-7) 
Traditional yoga poses such as Lion, Tree, and Warrior are brought to life to help kids cultivate a deeper understanding of their environment and themselves while developing strength, flexibility, coordination and balance - in both body and mind. Poses are taught in a way that encourages creativity and exploration, helping to develop greater self-confidence and self-awareness. Students practice pose sequences designed to help them to discover greater comfort in their bodies while boosting self-confidence. As this is a very playful age, the class focuses on games, imagination, stories, and simple practices to introduce the healthful benefits of yoga. No previous yoga experience necessary.

Tuesdays, March 15  to May 10      
3:15 to 4:00 pm

Yoga for Girls (ages 7-14) 

This introduction to yoga is designed specifically for adolescent girls. Class will explore many yoga poses which build strength and flexibility but will go beyond the physical practice of yoga to cover to the basic tenants of yogic mindfulness. Students will be exposed to the concepts of non-violence, truthfulness, gratitude, moderation, and the cultivation of compassion and joy. The girls will also work on building self-esteem and confidence through a playful mix of heart- opening poses, thoughtful discussion, meditation and breath work. This class is appropriate for girls ages 7-14, though exceptions can be made with prior consent of the teacher.  
 Tuesdays, March 15 to May 10  

4pm - 5:00 pm 

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