Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"questions over the legality of Eversource’s petition"

From the Milford Daily News, articles of interest for Franklin

"Eversource says a plan to build a natural gas pipeline across Massachusetts will save customers money; consumer and environmental activists say it will hurt ratepayers and the environment. But it ultimately will be up to the state Supreme Judicial Court to determine if it is legal. 
The utility wants to build the Access Northeast Project, an expansion of pipeline capacity to supply cheaper natural gas to fire the company’s electric generation stations. The plan includes a new liquefied natural gas facility in Acushnet. 
The proposed pipeline would extend through most of Massachusetts, including Medway and Upton. The company plans for ratepayers to finance the cost of the new pipeline project, which has been estimated to cost $3 billion."

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screen grab of one of the slides from the Spectra Energy presnetayion
screen grab of one of the slides from the Spectra Energy presnetayion

Eversource is the parent company of Spectra Energy. Spectra is looking to add a 30" pipeline to the existing 24" pipeline running through parts of Franklin. The Spectra folks made their presentation to the Town Council meeting on Wed Feb 24. 

  • The video is available on the Franklin webpage

  • My notes are available here

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