Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Live reporting: Discussion only items - Chapter 70 and calendar committee

3. Discussion Only Items
a. Chapter 70 Resolution 

The resolution itself can be found here

Bilello - we have real unmet needs here in Franklin
we need to do more to address the counseling opportunities for our students
these are just a couple of areas with unmet needs, there are likely many more

the formula was adopted in 1993 and not kept pace with costs

demands and mandates have significantly outpaced out resources

I don't see a clear solution, maintaining status quo is at risk

I recommend that we consider passing this

Schultz - read the actual resolution

Jewell - we do need more money but we do not need to be told how to manage it. 19.5 to 22.2 increase in special education in the last several years. We are spending more of our money on special needs, I am not against it, they need it. We do need to be able to have local control over the money. We do need more money but not with strings attached to it

O'Malley - commend Bilello for an articulate and accurate statement. Jewell makes some good points, the money we have is insufficient to meet our requirements. We have $600K in unfunded requirements for this year that came on us after the year started. This is a two pronged attack, this is one tack. The second will be how we fund our schools at the local level.

b. Calendar Committee 

the calendars represent the most reasonable options meeting all regulatory requirements

discussion on the rationale in the development of the two calendars

DESE has re-examined the policy on how to make up the snow days. The districts have been authorized on how to make up the 'days' without extending the calendar. This could alleviate the issue. The FEA and administration will have a proposal in the fall on how to do this.

Donna Grady, Franklin Education Assoc President
you did have teachers who were FEA members but did not have FEA leadership participation
the FEA does have a couple of issues
the recent survey is at least a year old, what would a change in the calendar actually fix? The FEA has not identified
the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is change to our contract and would have to be negotiated
I would strongly urge you to leave the calendars as they are

Sabolinski - the calendar is the purview of the School Committee, we'll talk about the calendars with the FEA in our next meeting

Bilello - the committee was open to a new survey but the timing was not good, it would have taken longer

The Wed before Thanksgiving before 2007 was a half day, then it became a day off in recognition of the attendance patterns and requests for time off from the faculty and staff

The committee was open to anyone via a ConnectEd message, also to all parents 

this is 'game of calendars'

action for next meeting (May 10)

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