Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Live reporting: Digital Learning

c. Technology/ Digital Learning

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bill of rights - promoting responsibility and moving away from restrictions

incorporated the acceptable use policy into the 'bill of rights'

incorporated 'frequently asked questions' into the 'bill of rights' to help provide the other answers on how to use this

Tim Raposa - "someday all the technology will be behind the scenes just as the pencils and paper are today"

O'Malley - the # of teachers is impressive, at some point could we have a report on technology stuff, what is working, what isn't and where it is going. You have to keep demanding what you need.

The acceptable use policy would need to be revisited. Doing so needs to be a coordinated effort with the union and legal as it crosses multiple arenas

"this is moving faster than parents are aware", the google docs with collaboration is social networking and may not have parent oversight

equity in technology is also an issue

the bill of rights can help to create the understanding, with a BYOD policy, we can't track where those device go, that is not our purview

we do have software at the high school to do tracking and there have been some tough conversation in the principals' office

Venn diagram summarizes the next steps for digital learning
Venn diagram summarizes the next steps for digital learning

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