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Finance Committee - Budget Hearing #2 - Apr 21, 2016 (audio)

My notes via Twitter from the Finance Committee meeting held on Thursday April 21, 2016. This was the second of the four planned budget hearings.

The next two scheduled budget hearings 
  • Thursday April 28
  • Tuesday May 3

Kevin Doyle, Assessor, ready to discuss the FY 2017 budget requirements for his department
Kevin Doyle, Assessor, ready to discuss the FY 2017 budget requirements for his department

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The audio recording of the 2nd budget hearing of the Franklin Finance Committee. This is one of the series preparing the budget for the Fiscal Year 2017.

FM #121
This internet radio show or podcast is number 121 in the series for Franklin Matters. This captured the audio recording of the 2nd budget hearing for the Fiscal Year 2017 held by the Franklin Finance Committee. The meeting was held in the 3rd floor training room at the Municipal Building and hence not available for regular broadcast by Franklin TV.

My notes from the meeting have been posted to the Franklin Matters webpage. The meeting agenda is also available. The budget book itself is not available. A limited number of copies were made. We’ll get budget summary as the Town Council opens their budget hearing either later in May or in June.

For those not familiar with the budget cycle. Each department makes a proposal to the Town Administrator. He reviews and potentially makes adjustments. This is what is reviewed by the Finance Committee. This group will approve a budget and it will be reviewed by the Town COuncil before being voted on to become effective July 2016.

For Franklin, the fiscal year runs July 1 2016  to June 30 2017. The FY is referred to be the ending period so this is the FY 2017 budget for next year, we are already operating on and close to finishing the FY 2016 budget.

Without further ado, here is the recording of the meeting


This brings to the program to a close.

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