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The Model 3 - "the power of a trusted brand"

A good story on "the power of a trusted brand"

Shady stories of a small business owner in the Boston area

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The Blind Spot
'Shady' stories in the life of a Brazilian small business owner
April - 2016

Roger Magalhaes
Shades IN Place Inc.
Owner & Blind Installer

I love my Toyota Prius but.....something just happened and I will have to let it go. Find out what by reading my monthly news below. Just a hint: fasten your seat-belts

The Model 3

I like cars... but I am not one of those guys that knows how many horsepower  The 1966 Ford Mustang GTS has under the hood if you know what I mean. I am more of the great design, reliability and money vs benefit kind of guy.

So when Tesla Motors announced last month the release of their affordable version of a electric car - the Model 3, I had to get one.

I have been a long time super fan of Tesla Motors and its impressive cutting edge technology and exquisite designs. So on March 31st off I went to a Tesla showroom and planked down US$1,000 to reserve my own Tesla Model 3.

But let me make it clear (in case you are not aware) : the Model 3 not even exists yet. That's right: Tesla is going to start production of that model soon and the first units are expected to be delivered around Fall of 2017. Call me crazy? Perhaps, but that's the power of a trusted brand and I for one am very happy waiting for my new car.

Like cars, window treatments - read shades, blinds and shutters are manufactured by hundreds of brands  all over the globe and thanks to the internet you can pretty much buy any brand, any style from any place as quick as you can say "Tesla Model 3 - can't wait to get mine."

But here's my question to you: who would help you navigate through the sea of options and even service your shades if you ever need assistance? Yeah...good luck with that.

That's the reason why I - via Shades IN Place only offer four brands : Lutron, Hunter Douglas, Alta Window Fashions and Norman Shutters.

After a decade in business these companies has proven to be on the leading edge of the industry always developing new products, innovative styles and supporting my current clients if services are ever needed.

Spring is here and it is the time of the year for remodeling your home or creating that so wanted addition on the back of the house.

I would be very honored to discuss your project and offer and expertise if you ever need.

To schedule a test drive, I mean, a home consultation please click here or just call or text me via 508-904-2108

If I don't answer pronto, I may be driving on the highway, but I will get back to you shortly.


But Before I Go.....

Check it our my YouTube channel with some cool videos of recent jobs featuring some of our automated window treatment options

Good bye vertical blinds.....
Good bye vertical blinds.....
What I do...

People don't shop for window coverings often. In fact many haven't 
bought new shades in 15 - 20 years!

My job is to introduce you to the many wonderful features & benefits 
that automated shades have to offer.

As a result you will be able to control privacy, home security (protection) and prevent sun fading via smartphones and tablets whether you are home or away.
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Consumer $aving$
For the month of April / May there are some rebates available on selected products plus volume discount as follow:

 Buy 5+ units -  5% discount

Buy 10+ units - 10% discount

Buy 15+ units -  15% discount

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