Thursday, November 29, 2007

Town Council Meeting 11/28/07 Summary

In chronological order of the meeting itself, my live postings with the audio sections and the newspaper coverage that corresponds.

Board of Assessors presentation (audio)

Questions on senior participation in deferments (Pfeffer, McGann) (audio)

Mason's question on single rate rationale

Doak's initial questions (audio)

McGann's question on split tax rate scenarios (audio)

Zollo gets to the point (audio)

This is a deceptive piece of information (Pfeffer)

This is deceptive (Pfeffer) (audio)

Chairman Feeley has his turn (audio)

Can you recast this spreadsheet? (Whalen)
Nutting's proposal on determining the assessed vs. sale valuations

Can you recast this spreadsheet? (Whalen) (audio)

Councilor Vallee clarifies the potential tax rates (audio)

Councilor Doak clarifies 2007 sales and assessment valuations (audio)

Councilor McGann asks what is the distribution of split vs. single tax rates in MA (audio)

LeBlanc's presentation on the assessed valuations
LeBlanc's handouts (two spreadsheets)

Michael Leblanc's analysis of the assessment issue (audio)

Doak follow up question for LeBlanc (audio)

Zollo statement on assessment problem (audio)

Whalen statement on assessment problem (audio)

Franklin needs to be competitive with India as well as Indiana (M Doherty)
M Doherty comment (audio)

T Fleming comment (audio)

D Collier (?) comment (audio)

caution you to use the information he has provided carefully
K Norman comment (audio)

J Curran comment (audio)

Jeff Nutting reviews the proposal for the Town Council to change the allocation of the Hotel Tax
Jeff Nutting (audio)

Historical Commission representative reads statement (audio)

Whalen, Nutting, Bartlett (audio)

McGann, Nutting, Roche (audio)

Doak, Zollo, Roche (audio)

Pfeffer (audio)

Susan Spears (audio)

Dave Collier (?) (audio)

Michael LeBlanc, Lisa Piana, Carol Harpin (audio)

McGann, Nutting, Roche (audio)

Zollo (audio)

Jane Curran, Eileen Mason, Lynn Narron (audio)

Motion to allocate the Hotel/Motel Tax per Nutting recommendation to next agenda

Doak, Bartlett, Nutting, Feeley, McGann and vote (audio)

Deficit in FY 09 will be far greater than FY 08 per Nutting (audio)

Motion to balance the discovered discrepancy in the School budget for FY 07 with transfer of $590,000 from stabilization

Milford Daily News coverage

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