Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Town Council Meeting - Important Agenda Items

Given the recent discrepancy found in the school budget, the agenda calls for correcting this imbalance.

The Finance Committee met tonight as well as the School Committee. I chose to attend the School Committee meeting. We can depend on Michael Morton of the Milford Daily News to report on the FINCOM meeting.

A brief discussion with some members of the FINCOM after their meeting seemed to indicate they propose for the shortfall to be split between the Town and the Schools. The Town piece would be covered by the not yet certified "free cash" (in the mean time from the stabilization fund) with the School piece to be absorbed with additional budget cuts.

Yes, the schools already took a 2.1 Million cut (as the override only covered 2.4 of what they requested) and will apparently need to absorb another $300K.

We'll see what the Town Council does Wednesday 11/28/07.

The scheduled agenda can be found here (PDF file).

Michael Morton's recap of the Finance Committee meeting can be found here.

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