Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Action items

Resolution passed to grant an easement 5 years after the fact


Franklin 4th of July

resolution to allow town resources to work on the events for the celebration

Mike Kelly, co-chair
Warren Revell, paperwork submitted for 501C
Frank Falvey

Feeley confirms that their attorney has been applied for the necessary paperwork for both

amendment to limit the Town expense at $15K - passed unanimously

net expense of 10K to be reimbursed

approx 2002 town took over the 4th of July
transitioned from no cost to town cost to capped cost

Fire overtime was cut from budget so this would need to be added back
All-night party is paid for by a grant and not town money

partly good will, partly good public safety to have someone at the event

Bartlett advises to start thinking for obtaining their own funding for next year

Revell - "precedent set, town should show some support"
Bartlett - "needs to be equitable"

Vallee will support it, McGann echoes Vallee
with fuel cost rising, the crowd this year will potentially be larger

Kelly wants to keep the tradition going
meeting weekly to lay out the ground work for this event

Falvey - citizens may not have been aware of the town support
please contact if you would lke to make a donation
PO Box 152, Franklin, MA

there is no parade this year
there will be fireworks

there are two open booths currently

resolution passed as amended


ladder truck pay down
Finance Committee approved 9-0

discussion on value of the equipment and how frequently it would be used
how to you value a life? the safety of the firefighters is significantly improved

unanimously approved


resolution on snow/ice

approved unanimously


resolution on zoning board advertising budget adjustment

question on where the money is coming from, insurance claims varies
budget for FY 09 is less in that account

approved unanimously


resolution on override election funding

approved unanimously


resolution on veterans expenses

approved unanimously


resolution on comptroller budget adjustment for advertising expense

approved unanimously


resolution on Town Common sign placement

signs for historic walking trail which starts at Brick School House

Zollo speaking for, thanks for work

a permanent sign with historic significance
funding for the sign is from the grant from the Downtown Development

discussion on placement, does it denigrate?

approved 7-2 vote


amendment on water rate/sewer rate

Vallee on the record opposing this by-law

McGann no, Vallee no, Whalen absent

passed 6-2


amendment personnel regulations

moving to second reading, adds positions to salary scale
raising scale by 3%, due to cost of living actually 4.3% which is raising it less than the cost of living

this doesn't cost the town anything by itself, it just provides the scale by which the positions are hired at

adding positions in anticipation of resolving the facilities issue

more discussion coming at second reading

approved unanimously


by-law amendment to adjust water map

Pfeffer expressed desire to vote against

developer looking for town water extension
wells did go dry in that area 3-4 years ago
subdivision is in vicinity of well 10

no cost to the town but does bring a benefit to the town


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