Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Four Corners Building

Four Corners School - Proposal for purchase from Walgreens

Richard Cornetta, attorney
Scott Weymouth, principle for Arista, LLC

Walgreen by this group is already in Bellingham at intersection of RT 126/140

provided a couple of plans to the council

site plan does include a couple of other private residences already under contract to Arista

envisions set back requirements due to proximity to residences, ready for planning board approval processes

14,500 sq
no more than 2 stories tall
60 parking spaces
single entrance, double exit from King St
single entrance, single exit on Cross St

does envision a drive-up for pharmacy, not like fast food drive-ups

extreme corner at King/140 would be green space
recognizes importance of location as approach to town

$2.5 million
approx 40K annual real-estate taxes, a number of jobs created
20 permanent positions once operational
construction positions created for the building

P/S by June 08, permits by Dec 08
projected closing date for Feb 09
shovels in the ground potential for Mar 09


Feeley answers a question about has this already been sold?
No, it has not. This is a proposal.
The economic development group has approved this unanimously


Pfeffer with proposal for moving one of the existing to another space within the town and have Habitant for Humanity work to bring in two units


discussion on the willingness to work with the town
could consider moving the house, could consider renovating
one was planned to remove


less than 25% mezzanine level on the second floor to move some of the operational space up there and leave the lower level for the retail space

would do a full traffic study, did a brief analysis to prepare the draft plans

their estimate of tax revenue is in the ball park per Jeff Nutting

construction if started in Mar could be done by October to be open in time for the holidays


McGann question on the restrictions with the 24 hour drive through and neighbors comments
was written into the RFP specifying the restriction

how does it effect the developer?
there is an impact, a competitive disadvantage


Vallee complaining again about restrictions


did design to meet the requirements
minimum should be 59 parking spots

will be on agenda two weeks from tonight for a vote

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