Tuesday, May 27, 2008

School Committee - health update, action items

Ogden providing an update on the community health coalition, many of the folks who came to the meeting (over 100) self-identified as wanting to continue to work on the process

Some groups were under representatived, they are being reached out to to obtain representation from those groups

Likely 15-20 to be members of the group

Formation session being scheduled for June 5th, invitations have not yet been sent out


Action items
1. I recommend adoption of the 2008-2009 School Committee Meeting Schedule.
2. I recommend acceptance of a check for $5,000.00 from Michael Johnson for the FHS Michael Johnson Alumni Scholarship.
3. I recommend acceptance of a check for $1,000.00 from Natalie Brunelli for the FHS John A. Brunelli Memorial Scholarship.
4. I recommend acceptance of a check for $500.00 from the Fernando P. Baglioni Family – Peter Baglioni for the FHS Fernando P. Baglioni Memorial Scholarship.
5. I recommend acceptance of a check for $400.00 from the Remington PCC for Nurse expenses on recent field trips.
6. I recommend acceptance of the donation of an HP Photo Smart 1000 Color Printer with 5 ink cartridges from Ms. Karen Todd for the Remington Middle School.
7. I recommend acceptance of the donation of books (list attached) from Mr & Mrs. Darcey for the Oak Street Elementary School.
8. I recommend acceptance of a check for $10.00 from Mrs. Grassey to be used toward the HMMS 8th grade field trip to Hopkinton Laborers Training Center.
9. I recommend approval of the School Business Administrator’s goals for 2008-09.
10. I recommend acceptance of a check for $500.00 from the Fidelity Charitable gift fund for the Fernando P. Baglioni Scholarship fund at FHS.
11. I recommend acceptance of a check for $200.00 from the Franklin Soccer Booster Club for Ice Machine and AED for Athletic Dept. at FHS.

All items approved


bus accident, one rear-ended the other as the lead one avoided a motorist pulling out in front of the bus. The parties (Police, Fire, bus company, school admins) will be getting together to review role and responsibilities to avoid problems at a future event.


accreditation is like the "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval for the school system.
"an objective outside measure", not being accredited would not be a good thing, it may hurt our students; public, private and parochial schools have this in common


policy sub-committee report, continuing to review policies


Town Council de-funded or reduced the school budget by 5.5 million dollars
How the school committee decides to spend what money they do get
Roy - "You either consolidate or cut?"

Ogden has the memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the moment, Nutting may have unfairly taken some heat over the lack of the memo, he has some edits to make to the document to remove what has been agreed to be removed and corrected.

"My recommendation would be to move the facilities services over to the town side. I think it will have a negative impact. I don't think it would be worse to do otherwise."

Rohrbach - "I do not see us saving us any money"

Armenio - "kneejerk reaction would be to heck with the MOU, we need the MOU to protect the students, the principals, the custodians, etc."

Sabolinksi - "The level of trust, the level of customer service will likely decline"

Rohrbach - "at no time did we agree to take the money out of the budget before the MOU"


Trahan - Friday night graduation - thanks to all night party for the preparations

motion to move into executive session for contractual negotiations

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