Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Town Council - Budget hearing - after recess

Going back to the elected officials item
raise was an average 2.1%
elected officials got 2%

Mason, "amounts to a token increase"

motion made to increase salary treasurer/collector , passed 7-2

motion mode to increase town clerk, passed 7-2

motion made on downtown planner, 5 yes 3 no 1 abstain

motion on adoption of town budget for FY 09

motion passed unanimously

Doak "budget time trying to choose between least bad options"
need to think seriously about what kind of town we want to live in

Pfeffer explains why she was driving in the parade

Bartlett outlook on budget has changed, impressed with effort on part of all in the town
"I can find no waste and believe me I have looked"
"need to tackle much harder redundancies due to state and local requirements"

motion to adjourn

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