Tuesday, May 27, 2008

School Committee - FHS handbooks

Pam Gould, FHS Principal, discussing the high school handbook
memo to committee highlighting the changes, relatively small amount but a good time spent reviewing the whole handbook

tardiness - allowing some leeway for the vice principals to listen to the students explanation before making the decision

cell phones and iPods moved to a whole new section

drug and alcohol policy, there was not clarity around the policy
the MIAA had guidelines for the athletes but there was not something similar for the other students
1st offense - 5 day out of school suspension and a 45 day (term) social probation
looking to add an option of a contract with the principal with random drug and alcohol testing and counseling

sounds like a very reasonable proposal to address the real issue behind the problem
did use the contract in a previous position, had only one failure with one student who had significant problems

Armenio - pushing on the attendance policy
Gould - the rules need to be tightened in some cases, most of the students would not be in these scenarios, if there are exceptions, I can change the record

Armenio - troubled by DPH guidelines
Gould - agrees that there is room for improvement at the DPH

Roy - has a beef with the parent note not being accepted as an excused absence, partially due to the School Committee policy reference differences (JH vs. what is referenced as approved in 1999)
Gould - disagrees, she attempting to put the state rule in this handbook

Roy - concerned with the pattern
Gould - would it be amenable to provide a couple of "freebies" per quarter?
Roy - yes, it would be

Roy - chain of command policy should be in all handbooks

Gould - putting policy into the 7 Habits diary that is given to the 9th graders


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