Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Live reporting - budget effects

3. Discussion Only Items
• Budget to Actual
• Override Ramifications

Current Budget Number

Level funded $54,626,000
plus Additional Rev 830,000

subtotal $55,456,000

less Facilities Consolidation $5,515,758

equals the FY 09 Budget $49,948,242

$3.1 Million less than the level service budget of FY 08
really 2.8 less as another $300,000 will be coming to the schools from the Medicaid reimbursement

- Personnel Changes
teachers were notified for non-renewal during May

in total 74 teachers leaving the district for a variety of reasons, 28 positions will be filled
the others were cut due to the budget changes
there are turnovers in other positions that are funded and need to be filled

45 teachers were notified, there is no shell game

FHS over reduced their number of teachers to add an additional counselor

Jeff Roy
all teacher notices given in May, two reasons
1 - give an advantage to find jobs where they could
2 - to the extent that they can find jobs, that would be a reduction in the unemployment costs the Town would face

The district will look different in the fall

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