Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Supportive Day Program - Sunshine Club

Karen Alves, Director of Franklin Senior Center
supportive day care program
Patty O'Donnell, program coordinator

two grants support this program
program should be self-supporting within 1 year

operates from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Monday to Friday, full day or half-day

provides a break for caregivers

they do bowling, bean bag toss, watched I Love Lucy show today
has a "Mary Poppins" closet to help provide activities if they need an idea

most senior centers do require their folks to be self-sufficient
this provides another level of opportunity
do chair exercises, do sing-a-longs
open door policy unless they are making too much noise
they are part of the whole building

Whalen - can't imagine a nicer end to a busier day than to hear this
Alves - had only two rooms in the old building, the new has much more plus the outside space, all the seniors are very happy
Whalen - a reflection of the community is how they care for their oldest and youngest and this is a good sign
Bartlett - agrees with Whalen, is there a maximum number we can take?
Alves - we can take a max of ten, have 7 now, but can handle more with the part-time status
Bartlett - can some insurance help?
Alves - not a medical program, does fill a crack, should be sustaining within a few thousand just on the fees being generated

Patty says this is her dream job, taught at Tri-County for 15 years. When she saw the sign at the open house, she talked with Karen and things came together


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