Thursday, June 5, 2008

"would need to figure a way to balance the budget"

Posted Jun 05, 2008 @ 12:38 AM


Town Council last night unanimously voted to consolidate the town and school maintenance functions, a $5.5 million account takeover pending approval by the School Committee.

Councilors Joseph McGann and Thomas Doak were absent from the meeting.

Custodians and groundskeepers have spoken against the move, while Town Administrator Jeffrey D. Nutting and councilors have advocated for it, believing it will create greater efficiencies and make a good system better.

Nutting said he hopes to finish a draft memorandum of understanding with Superintendent of Schools Wayne Ogden today. In order for the merger to be legal, the School Committee, which meets Tuesday, must vote to adopt the resolution, Nutting said.

Prior to voting, Councilor Shannon Zollo asked about possible legal repercussions of the School Committee rejecting the consolidation after the council approves it.

Note: Councilor Scott Mason also missed last night's meeting, leaving only 6 in attendance which is 2/3 majority and sufficient for enacting resolutions that are legal.

Read the remainder of the story here in the Milford Daily News.

Listen to this section of the meeting to hear what happened here

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