Thursday, September 18, 2008

live reporting - Financial Planning Committee - model overview

Attendees: Deb Bartlett, Steve Whalen, Roberta Trahan, Doug Hardesty, Matt Kelly, Rebecca Cameron, Jeff Nutting, Wayne Ogden, Gwynne Wilschek (late)

Chief Williams, Chief McCarraher


Meeting called to order

Jeff provides an overview of the model

the model assumes 4% salary increase, this is only a projection, not a budget
first column for FY 2010 assume no hires

schools calculated in 7% each year as a plug number

collective bargaining agreements run out in 2010
what happens for 2011 and 2012 will be dependent upon the contract settlements

if inflation continues, 2-2.5% salary increases will potentially be harder to win

if we say 3%, it might be an additional 30%. there are some steps and level changes but there is also overtime that increases. so we would use 3.3% to calculate.

Health insurance and pensions are an item

The second 2010 would put some folks back into the mix, bringing in some police, fire, custodians, etc. 2011, 2012 simply grow from the second 2010.

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