Wednesday, September 17, 2008

live reporting - Administrator report

Nutting -

  • thanks for the website conversions
  • Beaver St to be open on Thursday. There is still some paving to do possibly next week but the road is passable now.
  • Question 1 is on the November ballot would remove the income tax and remove about 12 billion dollars from the State budget. This money provides about 35% of our annual budget. I hope folks think long and hard before voting on that question.
  • Offer for special meeting on commercial property tax evaluation, will be scheduled
Bartlett - question on Verizon work to install FIOS
Nuttling - Verizon is going to fix, patch, repair, etc. Call Verizon 24x7

Old business - none
New business -
Vallee - if the zoning bylaw is going to be brought here again, let's get the information we asked for. If it had come for a vote tonight, it would have failed. It requires a two-thirds vote to pass.

Councilor Comments
Zollo - the fields are a standard barer for the town
(will add comments for the school teachers putting in effort in trying times)

Vallee - The school department is going to have to look forward to less next year. The economy is going into the tank.

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