Sunday, September 14, 2008

FM #12 - Street Opening Bylaw

Another in a series of podcasts on what matters in Franklin, MA. This one features the discussion from the Town Council meeting on 9/3/08 on the Street Opening Bylaw.

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FM #12

By way of catching up, I will do some shorter podcasts to provide the detailed discussions to you in their entirety. There is little I can add to the discussion itself so you might as well listen to it all and take from it what you will.

The first is from the Town Council meeting on Wednesday 9/3/08 where they discuss the proposed bylaw covering digging into a street in less than five years after it was re-done. The council completes the discussion and leaves the bylaw unchanged.

This will leave some residents with a situation that they are not happy with but it will leave the town overall with a better road infrastructure.

Choices, choices.

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This podcast has been a public service provided to my fellow Franklin citizens and voters by Steve Sherlock

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