Wednesday, September 17, 2008

live reporting - town website

Tim Raposa, Maxine Kinhart, Debbie D'amico (?)

Maxine provides a recap of the history and recognition of the town website.

Technical limitations forced a change. The application was outdated and becoming unsupported. Quicksite was a home grown application.

Virtual Townhall provides support directly to the users posting their information.

Cost of the prior services was approx. $22,000 per year (hosting and support). The new service is an annual cost of about $6,000.

Initial design and framework was by the team with a focus on ease of use to a website visitor. You can access information in multiple ways. Most information can be found on the page without scrolling up/down.

Designed to separate the town and community/business information.

Community/business links moved to American Towns at no cost.

Conversion sessions conducted. Several general done, individual departments also meet directly with Virtual Townhall. Next week follow up training is scheduled. Questions/concerns being collected to help Virtual Townhall prepare for the training session.

Doak - Question on conversion time, was content there? There seemed to be some confusion with what information would be there.

Raposa - There is a difference between the town and community site, only the Town site can have the official seal.

Bartlett - Is all the old Town information on the new site
Kinhart - No, there is 2-3 years there now. It is a project to continue to add to it.

demo of features -
department list, not complete but what is important to show without scrolling
Connect CTY
Fire Department - pictures of equipment and stations
Contact us - has form to request notice for posting to front page
Top navigation bar for Schools, Residents, Business, Home (return to front page)
Community - American Towns

Doak - question on URL and redirects
Raposa - temporary situation until the school website is moved to another server

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