Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Live reporting - MCAS

Michelle Kingsland-Smith
Bobbi Gerlits

AYP - adequate yearly progress is a state measurement towards the overall target; four status category; no status, improvement (no improvement for 2 years running), corrective action (state interaction to provide assistance), state restructuring

performance highlights
  • district vs. State
  • 98 Adams scholarship recipients
  • school recognitions
  • grade level recognitions
Biology, a new standard, the only one where Franklin did not score high, first time for this test

Davis Thayer, top five performance in Grade 4 mathematics
Helen Keller, grade 5 mathematics, 94% of the students scored high
Grade 3, 4, 5 received very high scores in mathematics

Elementary made AYP in all groups and rankings

Middle School did not make AYP in subgroups
  • Horace Mann made AYP
  • Remington ELA improvement year 1 - subgroups
  • Annie Sullivan ELA improvement year 1 - subgroups
FHS made AYP

Middle schools
  • Math, Science - Low Income in subgroup
  • Math -Very Low in special education subgroup
possible factors for this
1 - idea of developmental learning process, state identifies a constant rate of change, we know from research and experience that students do not learn at a constant rate of change, compound that with the social and emotional challenges of the middle school age group

2 - when we talk about subgroups we usually talk about students with learning disabilities, progress usually is one year of growth per year, students with disabilities however need more time to make the development step; by the time they finish high school they meet the standards, having taken the time necessary to develop

3 - the test materials, learning standards increase exponentially in the middle school over the levels in the elementary schools. There is a ceiling in the 10th grade testing material, at an adult reading level.

High School
  • Math - low income made moderate improvement
  • Biology for both Low income and Special Education subgroups, they were in the Low performance rating category
Addressing the issues, mostly talked to in the Middle School improvement plans discussed earlier this evening

RTI - response to intervention, a framework to identify readers and reading levels

ISSP - individual student success plans, any student with a score between 220 and 238 has a plan to focus on their instruction and progress

Graduation requirements are changing for the students graduating in 2010, the passing score increases from 220 to 240 for both Math and English

Class of 2012 in addition to the Math, English and Science, they will also be required to pass a US History test

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