Tuesday, November 25, 2008

live reporting - middle school improvement plans

1 - Ms. Beth Wittcoff, Principal of Annie Sullivan Middle School

developed mission statement, culture and other foundation items when the school opened

need to tackle annual yearly progress especially within the special education students

their document has already served the building very well this year as the school year started

2 - Mr. Paul Peri, Principal of Remington Middle School

Goal 1 - reading, writing, literacy
Goal 2 - targeting skills of two sub-group populations, all three middle schools rank in the Very High or High categories, except for the low-income or special needs students
Goal 3 - connecting to the Franklin community

3 - Dr. Anne Bergen, Principal, Horace Mann Middle School

Goal 1 - writing, literacy
Goal 2 - focus on the highest performing students, wrote a grant application to submit to the state (which unfortunately the state is unable to fund). Surveyed the students to determine their interests, so they could at least get planning for some of the materials, putting together a personal finance course; mosaic tile project with Worcester Art Museum; etc.

analysis of reading rate, analysis on note taking (some kids are faking it)

Armenio - what are the implications of AYP?
Armenio - touch base with Kathleen Woods they took part at the High School in a Credit for Life fair and have some good information

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