Tuesday, November 25, 2008

live reporting - technology capital

Tim Raposa presenting the technology capital for the Town and the Public Schools

Looking at a sharing laptop project for the high school

The document for the Technology Update can be found here.

The Technology department now covers all Town functions except for the Police Department.

Food service revenues would cover cafeteria automation software.
Nursing software avoids paper copies, integrates into student record keeping system.

Halleluiah! The Cable Commission is bringing streaming video within 3-4 months for all meetings, indexed and archived.

Hopefully close to resolving the legal issue with EdNets and should be able to bring that in within a couple of months.

approx 18-20 smart boards district wide about to be purchased with money already approved.

Armenio - can we get software where a parent can check their students homework or grades from yesterday's test?

Raposa - that software would be about $15,000 per year. I can consider moving it up in the priority listing.

Cafasso - I would echo Sharon Jackson's memo, I hear no complaints from the consumers.

Raposa - Thank you!

Rohrbach -What about the number of smart boards? Is there really a need in the elementary levels?

Raposa - If I could bring in more of them, I would.

Rohrbach - I have been to other high schools where they have multiple smart boards, why do they only have one?

Raposa - It is not a technical limitation at the high school. I was spreading the money around to be fair.

Ogden - You answered it but may not have made the point fully, the survey of the faculty of the high school for what they needed did not reveal smart boards. They do want the wireless and the networking. We may need to do some familiarization amongst the high school faculty to bring their familiarity with smart board technology.

Roy - with regards to the laptops at the high school, about 200 for loan, would also be able to get a deal for parents?

Raposa - It is an option, I can do that, need to work out how to buy them and then in turn sell them within the School Department finances.

Roy - is a laptop in the hands of every student on the radar?

Raposa - the amount of money is the problem, even at the high school with 400 incoming students and a $400 system that adds up. I have focused less on providing the laptop and more on focusing to provide the network to let them access the systems.

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