Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"who might have provided the alcohol"

Milford Daily News
Posted Nov 25, 2008 @ 12:33 AM
Last update Nov 25, 2008 @ 01:42 AM


Police busted another underage drinking party Friday, arresting 20 youths at a gathering where many wore keepsakes honoring a teen who died following another beer bash, police said.

"We just arraigned all 20 (yesterday)," said Wrentham Police Sgt. William McGrath.

He said at the party Friday, many of the teens were wearing pink bracelets in memory of Taylor Meyer, the 17-year-old Plainville girl who drowned in a Norfolk swamp last month following an underage drinking party in the woods.

"Additionally, in the driveway was at least one car with a memorial painted in the back window," he said.

The rear window message read: "R.I.P. Tay. Best Friends Always. I love you angel."

McGrath said Kathi Meyer, the mother of the deceased King Philip High School senior, showed up at the arraignment and asked the teens to return the pink bracelets. Some of them were at the Oct. 17 party where Taylor Meyer was last seen alive, as well as at her funeral.

"I don't speak for the mother, but I did sense her disappointment," McGrath said.

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