Monday, December 1, 2008


September 4, 2008
The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm

Members present: Finance Committee Chair James Roche,
Councilors Deborah Bartlett, Steve Whalen and Shannon Zollo (arrived at 8:09pm)
Finance Committee member Rebecca Cameron,
Residents, Doug Hardesty and Gwynne Wilschek.

Members not in attendance: School Committee Members, Roberta Trahan and Matt

Also present were Town Administrator Jeff Nutting, and School Superintendent Wayne
Ogden and residents Jim Gianotti, Stacey Bower and Steve Sherlock.

Minutes reviewed by Committee for June 11, 2008, July 10, 2008 and August 7, 2008

Motion by Councilor Bartlett to Approve
Vote: Yes 9
No 0

Goal Discussion:

The Committee discussed:
  • Maintaining same level of service may require an override
  • Override – What it is going to cost

The group discussed the budget and decided to look at large expense drivers such as
  • General Government
  • Education
  • DPW
  • Questionnaire from Jeff Nutting to Departments

Jeff Nutting will meet with Department Heads to discuss budget and arrange for them to
meet with the Committee. (two per meeting)

The Committee also discussed cost of living percentage, inflation, health insurance. They
agreed that local government not sustainable in current mode.

Schools discussion:
  • School had more layoffs than other departments
  • School Choice Funds
  • High School Renovations
  • Enrollment
  • SPED
Range of Decisions for School Committee:
  • 2-3 yr Commitment other spending
  • Are fixed costs coming up
  • High School trajectory is toward probation (NEASC)
  • Resources into High School

Other Departments that need funding discussed:
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Library
  • DPW

Next meeting will have budget spreadsheets and two Department heads will attend.

Comments from visitors:
  • Good ideas to review Department Heads budget (metric w?
  • Stick with main points
  • Like to see more residents involved and at meetings
  • Commends Committee for efforts

Next Meeting scheduled for September 18, 2008

Next Agenda – (tentatively)
  • Public Safety
  • DPW and Facilities
  • Fixed Costs
  • Library

Meeting adjourned

Jeff Nutting

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